2023 Skill Position Updates

Although methods in these areas have improved substantially over the past few years, lateral anterior and (to a lesser extent) medial posterior orientations have previously suffered from less reliable analytical methods. Fortunately, this summer has seen methodological breakthroughs in lateral anterior areas and medial posterior lumbar areas. As a result (and with higher quality NFL all 22 preseason film now available) the following profiles have been updated/ corrected

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2023 Skill Position Draft Review Part 2

The following part 2 of this series examines the remaining studied WRs and RBs from the 2023 draft. In general, players in this section were examined less than those in part 1. In order to build so many profiles, prioritization has to be given to players that provide the most promising early impressions. And when players show seemingly disqualifying traits early in the process (such as Jalin Hyatt and Chase Brown who both show underdeveloped/ stunted posterior areas) those profiles get shunted off to the side and given less time for profile building and testing (or in the cases of Hyatt and Brown, don’t get revisited at all). Which doesn’t necessarily suggest they will bust. Simply that the only way to build full profiles for promising but obscure players like Puka Nacua is to prioritize study by biomechanical efficiency (based on early impressions) rather than consensus projections.

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2023 Skill Position Draft Review: Part 1

The following is the first part the 2023 NFL skill position draft review, examining Anthony Richardson and the top rated RBs and WRs (the ones who were studied most closely for exceptional biomechanical traits). Where applicable, NFL scheme will be considered as part of their probability of finding NFL success

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Anthony Richardson: the Most Interesting Player of the 2023 NFL Draft

For the first biomechanical review of the 2023 offseason (and therefore the first review since methods have advanced over the past several months), it seems appropriate to present arguably the most interesting/ polarizing prospect of the 2023 draft. Anthony Richardson (6’4” ~230 lbs QB from Florida) shows some of the most potentially powerful tools of any recent QB studied in this space, but in such an unfinished state as to be genuinely still in their raw assembly phase.

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Javonte Williams Injury/ Recovery Analysis

On Sunday, Javonte Williams suffered an injury to his right knee, reportedly tearing his ACL, his LCL, and suffering a nonspecified injury to his posterior lateral corner. In other words, he tore the ligaments stabilizing his knee along the anterior and the lateral posterior. And the bundle of ligaments and tendons at the posterior lateral corner of his knee was also destabilized (this generally means that the tibia and femur can be separated side to side along that posterior lateral axis).

So what do the underlying biomechanics say about this injury and about Javonte Williams’s likelihood of returning to the same pre-injury level of play?

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