2023 Skill Position Updates

Although methods in these areas have improved substantially over the past few years, lateral anterior and (to a lesser extent) medial posterior orientations have previously suffered from less reliable analytical methods. Fortunately, this summer has seen methodological breakthroughs in lateral anterior areas and medial posterior lumbar areas. As a result (and with higher quality NFL all 22 preseason film now available) the following profiles have been updated/ corrected

Bijan Robinson was erroneously listed as lateral anterior oriented– in fact he is medial centric posterior dominant (although also showing full efficiency in lateral anterior lumbar areas). Showing multiple areas of full lumbar efficiency (as well as superlative thoracic efficiency) still projects him as a superstar RB (and overall offensive weapon)

Zach Charbonnet does in fact show full efficiency in lateral anterior lumbar areas, and is therefore upgraded from the “starter” to the “franchise runner” categorization. In particular, his elusiveness in the open field is remarkable for someone his size. Kenneth Walker also shows full lumbar efficiency (lateral posterior), which would appear to set up Seattle as the only current team with two franchise caliber runners.

Kendre Miller still shows one area of full lumbar efficiency (medial posterior), however apparent stunting in anterior lumbar areas predicts some decreased effectiveness, both in terms of first step quickness, and in compromising his open field elusiveness. Although a different orientation, Miller may end up with a career closer to someone like Miles Sanders– doing certain things at a high level, but with elevated injury risk and some ineffective traits due to underdeveloped/ stunted anterior areas. On the plus side, he shows higher thoracic efficiency for making catches than originally profiled.

DeWayne McBride was profiled accurately, however it has become apparent that close to full efficiency in lateral posterior areas does not necessarily predict effectiveness at the NFL level. The two biggest missed RB predictions of the past several years have come from this same orientation and a very similar profile overall– both Ke’Shawn Vaughn and DeWayne McBride show close to full lumbar efficiency in lateral-most posterior areas, and neither one shows enough first step quickness to effectively navigate NFL sized quickly-closing holes. So their otherwise excellent contact balance and run power are simply unable to get off the NFL runway.

Jordan Love shows full thoracic efficiency in medial posterior areas, and a closer look at his cervical areas show high efficiency there as well (in medial posterior areas). He also shows strong lumbar efficiency/ mobility. Jordan Love therefore seems very likely to be a quality long term starter in GB, with the only caveats being that LaFleur’s scheme under Rodgers would likely be a poor fit for a posterior dominant QB (who is likely more effective scanning/ throwing vertically than horizontally). And that this is a very young offensive skill position group that will likely need time to gel and grow. But with the right schematic adjustments and time to cohere, GB may prove to be an effective offense, and Love a continuation of high quality QB play in GB.