Biomechanical Review: Early FA 2021

Ronald Darby (lateral oriented anterior dominant) is an interesting player to discuss– from a biomechanical perspective, of the players I’ve studied closely, he reminds me most of John Brown (WR). Both players are very efficient in a wide variety of biomechanical areas, but with full development/ efficiency in none. While Brown is more thoracic oriented and Darby is more lumbar oriented, in both cases these players are capable of playing at very high levels while fully healthy. However, their fascial systems– as efficient as they are when fully healthy– can best be described as “butter scraped over too much toast”. Meaning that in order to keep so many areas efficient at once (rather than favoring certain ones at the expense of others, like most players), their entire fascial system is very tight. And much like a finely-tuned performance car, little things (and occasionally big things) can and do go wrong, often resulting in performance that is far from peak.

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