2024 Skill Position Draft Reviews Part 7

This final portion of the 2024 skill position draft review will attempt to categorize and group the reviewed players by their career outlook. In total, 40 players were reviewed from the class (41 writeups total, including CJ Stroud’s revisited/ revised profile): 21 WRs, 10 RBs, 6 QBs (would’ve been 7 if analyzing lefties was a current possibility), and 2 TEs. This is in rough proportion to the numbers of players who (based on early impressions) appear likely to have meaningful NFL careers (although Bucky Irving would’ve been included in the RB group if not for time constraints). In other words, based on early profiling, this appears to be a very deep high quality WR class, a relatively shallow RB and TE class, and a quality QB class (with likely 2-4 long term starters).

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2024 Skill Position Draft Reviews Part 6

This portion of the skill position draft review presents the last eight players studied from the 2024 draft class. The players in this post (and in part 5) were studied somewhat less than in previous sections, mostly due to lacking much all 22 (and in a few cases due to lack of time). TEs in general were not studied in depth this year, with none of the players outside the two players presented in these writeups appearing to stand out on first impressions (but with Bowers being one of the most studied players in the class). As with the previous parts of the series, the writeups are not ranked or tiered, merely loosely grouped together– the concluding part of this series (part 7) will order and group the players into tiers.

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