2016 Biomechanical Preview

2016 Biomechanical NFL Preview

Hello friends.  It’s become clear that I was a bit hasty in deciding to post biomechanical analyses.  This site is filled with intelligent discerning readers, but without being able to visually represent this stuff, I can’t explain it to anyone’s satisfaction.  I can’t even really post predictions, since each one is a set of complicated if/thens that are dependent on factors I can’t clarify (see my Siemian write-up for an example).

So I’ve boiled down my predictions to a few that can be communicated without biomechanical jargon:


Notable QBs

Russell Wilson (continued dominance from second half of 2015, excellent WRs)

Dak Prescott (breakout of the year)

Cam Newton (continued physical dominance, return of Kelvin Benjamin)

Drew Brees (best supporting cast in years, still lacking big-bodied middle of the field threat (likely capping TDs))

Derek Carr (continued breakout despite slow paced scheme and overrated WRs likely capping statistical output)

Brock Osweiler (good field generalship, inconsistent accuracy, performance likely to decline as season continues)

Matthew Stafford (fast paced scheme, excellent WRs, good receiving RBs)


Stocks to Sell

Brandon Marshall is showing signs of performance-sapping chronic injury (hip)

Deandre Hopkins is not a fit with Osweiler (Will Fuller fits much better)

Matt Forte appears to be past the age where he can be favorably featured


2016 First-time Breakouts

Melvin Gordon

Marvin Jones Jr

Vance Mcdonald

Tajae Sharpe

Jeremy Langford (depending on status of new injury)


Offensive Rookie of the Year Candidates

Dak Prescott

Tajae Sharpe


Other ORY possibilities:

Will Fuller (hamstring injury)  

Ezekiel Elliott (possible conditioning issues)

Tyler Boyd (undisclosed lower-body injury, currently sapping speed)

Derrick Henry (behind Demarco Murray)

Devontae Booker (behind CJ Anderson)

Michael Thomas (very talented, limited route tree)

Tommylee Lewis (size mismatch with Brees, buried on loaded offensive skill position roster)


Comeback kids

CJ Spiller

Jeremy Hill